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Trauma-Informed Services

    Resources on Trauma-Informed Services :: Annotated resource list created by Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck, PhD, with links to a wide variety of materials on trauma-informed services from a number of different sources. Updated April 2017.

    Handouts for WA Regional Trainings on Trauma-Informed Homeless Services :: These documents are copies of the handouts provided to participants in the series of regional trainings on Trauma-Informed Homeless Services. The main document is an outline version of the training PowerPoint. The other two are supplementary materials.

Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

    Resources for Further Learning on Intimate Partner Sexual Violence :: APA Convention Presentation Resources on IPSV
Dr. Levy-Peck was a presenter at the 2015 American Psychological Association Convention in Toronto in August 2015. She was a member of a collaborative panel on Intimate Partner Violence, and her presentation was titled Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: The Need for Strong Community Collaborations. A resource handout from the presentation is available here.