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Levy-Peck Consulting, LLC



Community Sexual Assault Programs


Levy-Peck Consulting, LLC, works under contract with the State of Washington Office of Crime Victims Advocacy to conduct an independent accreditation review process for Community Sexual Assault Programs (CSAPs) across the state.  Washington’s CSAPs must be accredited to be eligible to receive state funding.


The accreditation process ensures that programs throughout the state offer a consistent range of services and have an infrastructure that supports quality services for survivors and the community.  Accreditation standards address training requirements for staff and volunteers, fiscal practices, agency governance, documentation of services, confidentiality safeguards, participation in the community, and other aspects of sound programs.


Training - Dr. Levy-Peck provides webinars, workshops, and presentations on topics related to sexual assault survivors, trauma-informed care, relationships, and aging issues.

Selected Trainings by Dr. Levy-Peck

  • Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: Strategies for Advocates & Therapists (webinar), October 23, 2014, Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault
  • The New Circle of Hope: Facilitating Sexual Assault Survivor Support Groups (Olympia, WA), November 18, 2014, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: The Need for Strong Community Collaborations  Panel presentation on Intimate Partner Violence and Community Collaboration, presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Conference, August 2015, Toronto
  • Trauma-Informed Homeless Services (Olympia, WA), May 4, 2016, Washington State Department of Commerce; Nine regional trainings on this topic were presented for homeless services providers during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Writing - Dr. Levy-Peck, a professional writer and editor, is available to write and edit reports, curricula, practical resources, and manuals in her fields of expertise.  She has extensive experience with nonprofit organizations related to victim advocacy.