Levy-Peck Consulting, LLC

Levy-Peck Consulting, LLC



Levy-Peck Consulting, LLC is a human services consulting firm registered in Washington State and located in Salem, Oregon.

I specialize in consultation on topics involving survivors of abuse and assault, including trauma-informed care, intimate partner sexual violence, long-term physical and mental health needs of survivors, survivor support groups, advocacy issues, and self-care for service providers.  

My professional interests also include support for families that include a member with dementia, aging with grace and vitality, mental and physical wellness, and healthy relationships in midlife and beyond.

Services include:

  • Professional writing and editing, including curriculum development
  • Training - workshops, webinars, and presentations

I do not provide direct services such as psychotherapy or consultation on situations affecting an individual.

I believe in the strength and beauty of human beings as they strive to overcome adversity.

Cover photo by Peter Mooyman